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You know people who can benefit from Memo24 and you would like to help us expand our reach (Memo24 works in more than 180 countries), then join our affiliate program to help promote our service in a mutually beneficial way. The affiliate program works by you referring users to our website, and here are the Benefits for you:

  • Commission: Earn 15% commission on every payment made your client.
  • Extra discount: Every user/client that you refer to us will get an extra 15% for the first 3 months of using our service.
  • Online and Offline: The program works both Online (using your blog, online shop, etc.) and Offline using a personalized referral code that your clients can use when registering with us.
  • Marketing material: When you sign up with us you will get all sorts of marketing material to promote the service.

If you would like to join and get more details about our program, please contact us using the form below. Joining is free and quick to set up.

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